Jon is a regular teacher at UCLA Extension’s Westwood, CA campus. He teaches his 12-week class, titled Real Estate Investment Analysis, every Spring and Fall quarter as well as a 1-day version every February and August. This class serves as the basis for Jon’s book, “There’s No Free Lunch in Real Estate,” and is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about investing in real estate with confidence and creating a passive income stream that you can retire on.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Securing Your Financial Future: How to Build a Consistent Passive Income Stream From Your Real Estate Investments
  • How You Can Turn a $250,000 Investment Into Over $7,300,000
  • The State of the Los Angeles Real Estate Market
  • How to Finance a Property
  • The Property Ladder: Using Cash-Out Refi’s and 1031 Exchanges to Build Your Portfolio
  • Cash Flow Analysis: How to Underwrite Deals and Make Sure Your Buying Decisions are the Right Ones