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Jon Swire, top commercial real estate agent and Professor at UCLA Extension, shares his real world experience in this easy-to-read book designed to help you create life-changing wealth through successful real estate investing. Jon shows you how to:

This book is for anyone who has dreamed of one day retiring with a steady income stream that requires little time and effort to manage. By employing these techniques, carefully and over time, you too can build a portfolio that can provide for your kid’s college tuition, and your retirement.


“As one of our Top Producers, Jon Swire has worked with hundreds of investors helping them achieve their real estate goals. He truly understands the Commercial Real Estate business, and this book is the definitive guide for anyone considering investing in real estate or who wants to learn more. Jon provides you with the building blocks you need to start and maintain a successful career in real estate investing.”
Kelli Todd Amundson
CEO, RE/MAX Commercial Brokerage
“Best Real Estate course ever! I have previously spent thousands of dollars on seminars and programs. Jon’s class beats them all. His class is a must for anyone desiring to start investing in income generating properties.”
Former Student, UCLA Extension

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